How to Store the Correct Skincare to Keep It Forever and Undamaged

How to store correct skincare is essential to be effective and maximize the benefits gained. In addition to skincare should be kept in the refrigerator, the method of storing skincare should preferably be far from exposure to sunlight as well as not placed in the bathroom.

How to Store the Correct Skincare to Keep It Forever and Undamaged
How to Store the Correct Skincare to Keep It Forever and Undamaged

How to store correct skincare is essential to do. Because incorrect storage could render the active ingredient content in it ineffective any longer to produce the claimed benefits.

Unfortunately, the way to store correct skincare between one product and another is different.
It is not uncommon when you may feel confused whether a skincare product should be stored in the refrigerator or in room temperature?
To find out how to save the correct skincare, check out the full article below.

How do I keep the correct skincare?

After purchasing a number of skincare products, it is good for you to pay proper attention to how they are stored.
Otherwise, this may affect the skin care content contained in it.
Don’t let it out big enough to buy quality skincare products, but the benefits gained are not maximized as a result of improperly storing skincare.

Well, the way to save the correct skincare is as follows.

1. Store in refrigerator

One way to store the correct skincare is in a refrigerator or refrigerator.
Skincare products that must be stored in the refrigerator are those that contain natural ingredients or contain no preservatives, aka organic.
Organic material skincare content usually has a short shelf life and is of a prone quality to deterioration.
Thus, by keeping the correct skincare in the refrigerator can prevent mold from growing while extending the shelf life of your skincare products.
How to store the correct skincare is inside the refrigerator
Vitamin C serum is preferably stored in the refrigerator
Skincare products that must be stored in the refrigerator, include products containing vitamin C, vitamin A (retinoid), as well as some products containing benzoyl peroxide.
Products containing vitamin C and vitamin A tend to be sensitive to exposure to sunlight because it is easier to oxidize.
Thus, in order to ensure longer and more effective use of this skincare product, it is important to store it in a refrigerator.
In addition, skincare products to be stored in other refrigerators are eye cream or eye cream, face mask (sheet mask), and facial spray or facial mist.
If stored in a refrigerator, such various products can have a more calming and refreshing effect when used on your face.
However, make sure you place skincare products that must be stored in the refrigerator on a separate shelf to prevent exposure to bacterial contamination from food or beverages, which are also stored in the refrigerator

2. Store at room temperature and away from exposure to sunlight

How to store correct skincare at room temperature
Store face cream away from direct sunlight contact
How to store correct skincare does not necessarily have to be in a refrigerator.
There are some skincare products that are best kept at room temperature and not in direct contact with the sun, such as in a bedroom dressing table drawer.
For example, oil-based skincare products, such as facial serum, as well as sunscreens or sunscreens, face oil, and clay masks, are preferably stored in space temperatures that are not in direct contact with the sun.
If such skincare products are stored in the refrigerator, then it can make the consistency change.
That means, the water and oil content contained in it becomes separate.
As a result, skincare products are no longer effective when used on your face.
In addition to skincare, this storage method also applies to make up products, such as concealers and liquid foundations, as well as other make up products containing preservatives.

3. Do not store in the bathroom

How to keep the correct skincare in the bathroom may often be done by some people. Are you one of them?
As a matter of fact, how to store skincare in the bathroom is not an appropriate step.
It is because the bathroom is a humid place and the room temperature tends to change easily.
It is this humid environment that can be a good place for bacteria to breed on some skincare products you store.
As a result, the condition may affect the active ingredient content and its effectiveness.
Therefore, avoid storing face and body moisturizers, perfumes, organic based skincare, sugar and salt content scrub products, and liquid cosmetic products in the bathroom.

4. Not more than 3 months

A certified dermatologist in New York, United States, recommends that you keep the correct skincare for no more than 3 months.
According to him, more than 3 months of skincare product storage, even up to years of age, can increase the risk of growing bacteria and other microorganisms entering through fingers as you apply

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